Strategic development

Strengthening the value base & vision-building

Driving activity and achievement in all successful organisations is a core set of implicit and explicit values. Focus has extensive experience of working with boards and teams in and across organisations, enabling members to identify the values and value-sets that currently underpin their work and to clarify and further develop them to ensure improved performance in the future.

Developing the ‘new’ organisation

In a world where merger, acquisition and restructuring have become the norm, both in the private and in the public sector, managers face major challenges as they try to establish effective ‘new’ organisations with shared cultures and priorities. Focus has an enviable track-record in large-scale organisational development work aimed at developing understanding between new management teams, working through cultural tensions and conflicts, and encouraging all staff to contribute to the shaping and implementation of new priorities.

Our initial strategic input is usually followed by an intensive programme of work with middle- management and staff groups, working through the new expectations and facilitating the process of understanding that is required in the new context. An effective feedback system to senior management ensures acceleration of the learning process.

Partnership development programmes

Despite the pressure to appear seamless and to engage in joined-up approaches to key public policy issues (such as crime and disorder, regeneration, and health and social welfare provision), most organisations have distinctive professional and administrative cultures, priorities and expectations which can undermine the scope for effective cross-organisational working and hence overall achievement.

Focus has wide-ranging experience of working in partnership contexts, helping to establish ground rules, to set agendas, to generate inter-agency ownership of issues, to support joint planning, and to review the effectiveness of partnership arrangements, as well as developing positive modes of working and achievement.

Strategic services

Focus Directors and senior staff are all experienced executives accustomed to working on key strategic issues with and for organisations. This includes extensive experience of developing and undertaking ‘futures work’, where the use of scenarios provides a way of rehearsing the future and generating flexibility and adaptability in client organisations.

Focus has also done a considerable amount of work with boards and senior management teams both on a one-to-one and on a group level on the identification of strategic priorities and accountabilities for implementation. We have developed a specific expertise in working with senior managers on strategies to mainstream cultural change issues into organisational policies, processes and practices, particularly in the fields of equality and diversity.

We are able to extend our work at the business and operational level to include supporting business planning and development processes, taking strategy through to implementation.

Service operations review

Focus has had an extensive involvement with in-depth review of services and operations, drawing on quantitative and qualitative data-gathering, rigorous testing of the evidence and emerging conclusions with stakeholders, and preparing clear, concise recommendations for action. We have a particular expertise in assessing whether services and operations are as accessible to target groups/populations as intended, appropriate to target audiences and, ultimately, effective in achieving their aims.

"There are only a few consultancies that understand the relationship between diversity management and educational performance within an institutional setting dedicated to equality of opportunities and outcome. Focus Consultancy is one such, and we have received excellent advice, training and a real commitment to our College over the last few years."

Unique in diversity solutions

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