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Most corporations have begun to appreciate the importance of diversity. In many cases, corporate responses to issues relating to gender, age, disability, sexuality and race have been driven by moral, ethical, legislative or public relations imperatives. Increasingly, however, the promotion of diversity is seen as a strategic economic response to the changing characteristics of marketplaces, customers and the human resource pool. For every company engaged with challenging markets at home and abroad, diversity needs to be positioned at the strategic heart of the business, as a core component in the drive towards greater competitiveness and profitability.

Focus can assist you in enabling diversity to enhance your company’s performance in a number of key areas. Our approach is analytical, practical, cost-effective and objective, delivered in the context of a corporate modernisation and change management agenda. We expect you to profit from diversity, and we expect benefits to flow to your customers, suppliers and shareholders as well.

Strategic organisational development

Your top team needs to have a firm grasp of the significance of diversity in market growth and development, in the creation of partnerships, in quality of service and in the development of your organisation as a whole. The impact of one-off programmes and individual initiatives is inevitably limited and rarely sustainable. By contrast, our holistic and integrated approach — embracing strategy, operational implementation, rigorous measurement and systematic review — will provide the support you need in delivering effective results.

Capitalising on diverse & fragmented markets

The demographic and cultural shifts that have occurred in the UK and right across Europe in recent years have created new opportunities for those corporations able to respond quickly and appropriately to the changing landscape, enabling marketers, buyers and recruiters to understand and exploit increasingly diverse and fragmented markets.

Focus's experience and understanding of such markets and the cultural dynamics that underpin buying decisions can assist you in developing a more sophisticated and effective approach to marketing. We can facilitate a more productive strategy for accessing, engaging and communicating with diverse groups, across boundaries of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion and race. We can advise and support you in incorporating diversity into your strategies for corporate and product brands, aligning their projected values with those held by your target audience.

Modernising your corporate culture

Focus can also help your company to pick out the potential stars from a diverse labour pool. We can train and develop all your staff to ensure that they maximise their potential and their own contribution to your organisation. We can also coach your leadership team through this dynamic diversity change-management process.

The key to competitive success and enhanced economic performance lies not only in the quality, skills and knowledge of your people but also in the values they share and their ability to relate together. Embracing a culture that lives and breathes diversity impacts on corporations in a fundamental way. It serves to facilitate communication and to encourage the recognition of individual talent. It enhances responsiveness, flexibility and creativity — and maximises business success.

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