Focus services

Focus Consultancy has an extensive track-record, both in the UK and in Europe, in the development of innovative programmes in the areas of equality, diversity and organisational change. Solidly grounded in the work of leading practitioners and academics — and our own long history of successful interventions — our concepts and solutions can be applied to real organisational challenges with measurable success.

Focus prides itself on its ability to offer a total solution, from strategy formation through planning processes to implementation and evaluation. Drawing on principles and models that respond to the changing nature of the social and market environment, we believe that we are in a unique position to help organisations to boost performance and results.

Our competitive edge is enhanced by our nationwide network of offices, our diverse and multi-ethnic staff profile, our interdisciplinary approach and our high-level and pragmatic expertise.

For the private sector

Corporate diversity is not only driven by ethics and legislation — increasingly it is seen as a strategic economic response to the changing characteristics of marketplaces & customers. Focus can position diversity at the strategic heart of your business to enhance competitiveness and profitability.

For the public sector

Focus assists public service managers and professionals in formulating strategy, in its implementation and in its evaluation. More than that, we can move organisations ahead of the curve, working with them on issues central to their effectiveness, specifically establishing their legitimacy with key stakeholders, so that not only are they responding to challenges but also are leading the field and exemplars of good practice.

Beyond the UK

Focus is committed to bringing its equalities, diversity and institutional change perspective to an international clientele.

Focus can provide you with new ways to grow to reach your goals.

“Focus has provided broad consultancy support to the Army's EM Recruiting Campaign (EMRC) since the late 1990s. The organisation has helped to shape attitudes to race, both inside and outside the Army, it has increased awareness of our initiatives, and helped to delivery a number of community partnership programmes. You have also provided valuable strategic advice and reassurance for a number of senior officers and delivered tactical support to the recruiting effort in the regions. This has been a valuable and enduring contribution to our efforts in an increasingly important environment.”

Lieutenant General F R Viggers,
CMG MBE, Adjutant General