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Unique in diversity — innovative ideas producing practical results

Focus Consultancy is the leading multi-ethnic and inter-disciplinary consultancy in Europe. Established in 1986, Focus specialises in the area of change management within multicultural settings and marketplaces, and is uniquely competent where cultural diversity presents a special challenge.

With offices in the UK and Brussels, our multi-disciplinary team of consultants use their skill, experience and sensitivity to provide services relevant to the diversity and inclusivity agenda that is crucial to the success of businesses and public sector organisations alike.

The application of Focus's expertise and 21st-century vision to the specific issues and concerns of our clients ensures that Focus solutions are effective solutions, providing innovative ideas that produce practical results.

20 Years

In addition to the Diversity at L'Oreal programme which Focus designed and has been delivering for the world leader in the fields of cosmetics since 2006, Focus is currently engaged in training the senior management of both BAE Systems and, more recently, BP  in the fields of Inclusivity, Equality & Diversity (IED). Our sessions contextualise the business case for IED within the respective organisations  and explain the value of IED in creating efficiency, mitigating risk and generating opportunity.

On the public sector front, Focus has been working with the East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA) in the scoping out of the business case for diversity and the determination of its moral foundations, exploring the links between diversity and the underlying principles  of fairness and equality to personal and business values for businesses across the region. We have also been engaged by the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to conduct an assessment of equality schemes and outcomes in 10 Strategic Health Authorities and  21 Primary Care Trusts across England; and by the Cabinet Office to strategise and conduct a pilot outreach campaign in the Northwest, aimed at engaging Black Africans with the Honours System and increasing nominations from Black African communities.