Diversity audits

Focus can provide a comprehensive audit or rapid appraisal of your strategies, policies and procedures and organisational culture, to identify where you are in terms of responding to legislative requirements and equality and diversity best practices elsewhere. Our approach uses a methodology adapted from the Audit Commission Comprehensive Performance Assessment and tailored to a commercial context. The key outputs are the audit conclusions and the development of an action plan around the major themes of vision and leadership, employment practices, service delivery, community consultation, organisational culture and performance management.

Strategy & planning

We take a holistic and integrated approach to organisational development from strategy to operational implementation. We provide strategies and tools for the mainstreaming of race equality and diversity into managerial and organisational processes. We conduct in-depth reviews of services and operations, with particular emphasis on assessing whether they are as accessible to target groups/populations as intended, appropriate to target audiences and ultimately effective in achieving their aims. Our focus is clear: to develop and implement strategies for organisational change and performance enhancement.

Board or leadership orientation

Focus has wide experience of working with boards and leadership teams to clarify the vision and value-sets around diversity, to identify strategic priorities and accountabilities for implementation, and to develop the top-level diversity team, its objectives and action plans.

Learning & development

We have the expertise and scale to design and deliver customised training programmes, large or small, with an outcome-driven focus on improving your individual and corporate performance. From training needs analysis to design, delivery and evaluation, Focus sets the standard. We provide innovative and customised solutions, using the best trainers and facilitators in the field. Our training and development activities can ensure, for example, that your equality and diversity competences are achieved, and that creative and sustainable individual and organisational change and transformation is effected.

Unique in diversity solutions

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