Some of our clients

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

Focus has held several contracts with the MPS. These include working with the most senior levels of the Service around diversity strategy formation and reviewing diversity training contracts, as well as consultancy services for the MPS and an evaluation of the selection process to identify areas for further work and review.

Ministry of Defence

Focus was involved in the original design of a diversity training package for the Tri-Service Equal Opportunities Training Centre at the Royal College of Military Science, Shrivenham (Cranfield University), and were responsible for part of its delivery. In 2002, we were also awarded the Tri-Service contract for diversity training of all senior civilian and military personnel.

National African Federation Chambers of Commerce / European Commission

This was an SME and business development project which involved a feasibility study to look at European professional support to Black leadership in South African public structures and private enterprises.

National Blood Service (NBS)

In 2004 Focus was contracted to conduct an outreach and social marketing project to raise awareness of the importance and relevance of blood donation amongst BME communities.

Newcastle City Council

Focus has longstanding and extensive experience of working with Newcastle City Council. In 1998, we were contracted to deliver equality issues for strategic managers to 100 senior managers. Success at this stage led to the development of a complementary programme for frontline staff. Focus was also awarded the corporate equalities training contract for managers, and we worked at a strategic level with top teams to equip them to meet performance indicators and business objectives.

Police Information & Technology Organisation (PITO)

In 2004 Focus was contracted to support the Lawrence Steering Group in the creation of a community involvement strategy to inform and involve ethnic minorities in development of policy. A countrywide series of consultation events was organised to gauge perceptions of ethnic minority communities on what has been achieved, and the gap between formal implementation of new polices and procedures and public perceptions of real change on the ground.

Thames Valley Police

In 2003 Focus was commissioned by Thames Valley Police to undertake a race equality health check to determine the service's position in relation to race equality and to make recommendations on the measures needed for TVP to meet and go beyond its statutory, operational and institutional responsibilities in relation to race equality.

UK Sport

UK Sport commissioned Focus to support the production of a Race Equality Scheme. The project involved a review of documentation and a number of interviews with key senior managers and others in the organisation. The results were utilised to produce a scheme meeting the requirements of both the organisation and government legislation. The work was subsequently extended to cover the development of a broader diversity strategy for UK Sport.

University of Huddersfield

Focus was involved in training the School of Human and Health Sciences, where we designed and developed a modular approach to diversity training. This training looked at the distinct role of the Equal Opportunities Committee in progressing the equality agreement for the school. Further training on establishing links between effective leadership and diversity was also developed for senior management teams.

West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police (WYMP)

Following the successful design and execution of training courses for the WYMP, Focus delivered seminars on the provisions of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000.

Widening Access to Universities

Focus assisted in the Government’s large-scale attempt in the early ‘90s to promote equal opportunities and shift the social basis of recruitment in British universities, to include more women, working-class and ethnic minority students.

Some of our clients

“Cityworks' management team enjoyed working with Focus on equalities training; this stimulated great involvement from the managers, both during the course and in the follow-up work that each general manager did for their respective divisions of Cityworks. The consultant's previous experience of working with Newcastle City Council was used well and her approachable style brought out the best performance from our management team.”

Barry Rowlands, Director of Cityworks
Newcastle City Council