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African, Caribbean and Pacific Secretariat/DGVIII

A strategic research, marketing and awareness project, designed to highlight the existence of the Lomé relationship between the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states and Europe, as well as ACP migrants’ economic, legal and employment conditions and opportunities in Europe. The output consisted of four seminars, one major conference and four research reports on the position of ACP migrants in fifteen European states.

Arts Council

Retained by the Arts Council as part of a wide-ranging organisational development and transformation programme, Focus undertook a rapid appraisal of race equality and diversity issues within the organisation in order to help devise an effective and sustainable strategy and to integrate race equality and diversity issues. The Council also commissioned Focus to source a wider range of applications from 'non-traditional' backgrounds for senior posts in the Regional Arts Councils.

Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)

In 2004 Focus undertook a review of the 43 English and Welsh police forces’ responses to an ACPO audit on diversity and equality in police work, as well as an analysis of the forces’ replies to a questionnaire sent out by the CRE following the screening of the BBC programme The Secret Policeman. The review was followed by a gap analysis and facilitation of consultative events with senior participants on approaches to equality and diversity.

Audit Commission

Focus worked with the Audit Commission to address issues of EM attraction to particular functions and posts, particularly at senior level. The work included extensive research and the securing of ‘depth’ interviews with potential EM applicants in areas as diverse as public services research, social services and senior finance, and was extended to include bridge-building between the Commission and Black and ethnic minority staff networks. We also worked with the Commission on the launch of its EM staff network, ENRG.

Black Business Development Network in South Africa

An audit of SME development structures and networks in South Africa, primarily targeting Johannesburg, Soweto and surrounding regions. Recommendations were made for EU support to establish a national framework for the delivery of services to Black entrepreneurs.

Black Mentoring for South African Entrepreneurs

Part of the People Programme, this project involved mentoring, training and exchange for Black professionals from South Africa, the UK and the USA.

British Army

On the basis of a successful pilot exercise in 1997, Focus was contracted in 1999 to act as broker between the British Army and the UK EM communities and to assist the Army with their Ethnic Minority Recruitment Campaign (EMRC). The campaign is one of the largest multiculturalisation initiatives in Europe. Focus has supported the Army in understanding the ethnic minority recruitment market, and in its progress from less than 1% ethnic minority recruitment of officers and soldiers to 8%+ over a four-year period. The success of the project has been critically dependent on intensive planning, evaluation and learning about effective interventions in this highly complex area. According to the Race for Opportunity benchmarking report on race and diversity in corporate Britain (published June 2002), the Army was the top performer in the public sector.

British Army, Household Division

Focus was invited by the Household Division in 2004 to assess 'where the organisation is' on race equality issues, to ensure that there was no organisational complacency around race equality, and to identify any appropriate recommendations for continuing to move the race equality agenda forward. We undertook semi-structured and confidential interviews with Household Division personnel from a range of levels and functions across the organisation; these interviews were supplemented by focus groups.

British Gas

Focus was retained for several years by the Overseas Distribution Unit to assist British Gas in breaking into the Russian market. Our work included project supervision, drafting strategy papers and conducting negotiations at Ministerial level with GasProm and RosGas.

Business Link for London

In 2003 and 2004 Focus worked with BL4L to formulate strategy aimed at integrating diversity into mainstream organisation policies, programmes and practices, including a review of marketing and communications requirements. We supported the organisation in developing a communications strategy based on a mapping of expectations of stakeholders and key audiences, as well as appropriate messaging and communication channels. Our strategy formation work was followed by training interventions aimed at upskilling staff around the new challenges and expectations.

Some of our clients

“Croydon College commissioned Focus Consultancy to undertake an internal Race Equality Audit which was concluded in 2005. Focus's consultants worked with College leaders to identify the scale and scope of the study and to ensure local contextual issues underpinned the review. The methodology of the review was highly appropriate and relevant; including desk research, comprehensive interviews with staff and managers at all levels and occupational areas, and ‘open interview’ sessions to encourage staff to drop-in on an informal and anonymous basis. The resulting report was both comprehensive and an accurate and recognisable description of the organisation: strengths were highlighted and recognised and areas for development were unambiguously identified. The action plan arising from the report is being used as a powerful management tool to move the whole College forward.

“Focus Consultancy is a highly professional organisation which deserves its reputation as leader in the fields of diversity and change management. I recommend them wholeheartedly.“

Mariane Cavalli, Principal & Chief Executive, Croydon College

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