About Focus

We aim to provide for all our clients real and sustainable social and cultural benefits — as well as enhanced profitability — through a careful consideration of the totality of their needs.

Our focus

We develop and implement strategic and operational solutions to meet the challenges facing both public and private sector clients within diverse and multicultural environments in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Our organisation

Focus is a learning organisation. This makes us reflective, dynamic, creative and accountable, open to fresh ideas from every possible source. Learning is a living force within Focus; a motor that drives the organisation to excel and perform to the peak of its capacity. Learning operates continuously at every level, improving our performance as a team and inspiring confidence in and ownership by every member of our staff.

Focus is also a passionate organisation: our commitment to our mission powers our performance and hones our competitive edge.

Our people

Our people are drawn from a culturally and professionally diverse pool of consultants, able to bring to every project an impressive range of experience. Within a dynamic and interactive framework, our teams combine knowledge and expertise to provide clients with distinctive concepts and action programmes designed especially to bring results in their unique circumstances.

Our management

Professor Chris Mullard is Chair/CEO of Focus Consultancy Ltd. Our Directors are Mike Madelaine Elmont ( Strategic Organisational Development), Alan Murray, renowned for his work in the field of strategic development in Europe, and Lord Herman Ouseley, former Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality.

Our range

With offices in London and Wiltshire (Head Office), and a network of consultants spread throughout the UK, we are ideally positioned to undertake projects on both a local and a national basis. Our office in Brussels provides a hub for our international work.

Unique in diversity solutions

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